Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Outback Station Banjo

Outback Station Banjo

 “Where the HELL are the Slammers!” Major Thorrez turned back on his comm-tech, “What was their last ETA?” The specialist looked up from his set, “That’s the problem sir, there was no ‘last ETA’, they have been com silent since the series of dust ups at that shit hole town. The only talk we are getting is from Captain Adams and his VTOLs and they are moving up through the arroyos to our north.” He tapped a screen and a pip shown on Thorrez’s helmet monocle. “They’ll meet up with us there, outside of the station we are checking out.” The tech paused and added, “Oh and the usual exhortations from the Feds rolling up behind us. ‘Speed is of the essence.’ ‘No delays.’ ‘We must beat the traitors to the Station’, that kind of crap.” Thorrez waved him back to is work, double clicked his platoon net and addressed his vehicle commanders, “Alrighty children, looks like it is us and the body bags back there,” he thumbed back over his shoulder to where the Federals were rolling down the ‘Highway’, “boots and saddles, boots and saddles.” The route map and specifics floated in front of their visors, the vehicle commanders passing them along to the crews as the Freikorps battle anthem began to blare. “I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing ‘til they got a hold of me.”

The ACAVs formed two three car wedges with the jeeps tucked in behind; the drivers goosed the fans and they roared off along a brush line that gave them some visual cover from the “Holy shit, how many of them are there.” whispered Thorrez as the sensor data flashed on his visor. “I opened doors for little old ladies, I helped the blind to see.”

The plan was to hit the station along with the Feds and Adam’s flyboys. I got no friends ‘cause they read the papers, they can’t be seen with me. And I getting’ real shot down and I’m feelin’ mean.”
He had some doubts as to how well that would work out. 

“No more Mister Nice Guy, no more Mister Clean. No more Mister Nice Guy, they say, he’s sick, he’s obscene.”

Actually quite a few doubts.

Major Thorez and his command ride to their deaths. (Freck's Freikorps)

Captain Adams's Comanche gunships before they made their pop up attack.

Federal Army forces engage the Body Roller eastern flank.

New Israeli recon tanks and bikes advance into the outback station.

Body Roller light tanks skim the road on their way to securing the rebel southern flank.
Zaporoskiye recon forces prepare to cross the Dawson Creek
Combat cars burn...


  1. Very nice paintjobs, I even see a few 6mm buildings in there tasked as 15mm! ;)

  2. Nice paint work and solid forces.