Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rumor Control.

Chalanek Station News and Entertainment: Port Morgen, Morgen, Morgenrot System

Embed Reporter Darius Pauwels on the ground in Rebel held Mazzengaville.

NI Uhlans.
Rebel blockade-runners have delivered a shipment of the Uhlan grav tank destroyer to the New Israeli mercenary units stationed here. 

“This brings an added dimension to our forces firepower along with the Uhlan’s proven ability to absorb incredible amounts of damage.”, said Major Mordecai Bajak in an exclusive interview with CSNE.

There have been several escalations of both sides’ forces as the conflict for this small but now strategically important town continues.

Further updates on this will follow but for now, this is Darius Pauwels signing off…

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Second Battle for Mazzengaville: Government Forces

D for Dog Company deployed off the Via Rinaldo and hit the west edge of the ‘ville at speed.

Which only aggravated Major Rodrigo Christensen’s already aching kidneys and backside further.

His shock couch had gone soft side up a hundred klicks ago, there had been no time to repair it and the Major was not the kind of officer who would then swap places with an unlucky sub.

The six wheeled, high riding suspension of the Fed standard tank made for a stable firing platform and was stellar as far as mines and IEDs but the ride could be murder if you weren’t strapped in nice and snug. And the slightly heavier turret of the Clibanarius version made the ride all that much more…exciting.

He ignored the background inter-vehicle chatter, watching his HUD for the carats of the ‘friendlies’ to his twelve; the carats flashed blue and the ID tagged them as combat cars ( a silly name in the Major’s opinion) of The Slammers. He addressed his troop, “Combat front. Maneuver Nine through the off-worlders, engage the New Israelis and secure this flank.”

Government forces, supported by Slammer's combat cars, advance into the settlement.