Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Final Battle for Mazzengaville. April 26th at the HMGS Little Wars Convention.

The culmination of our campaign reaches its climatic end this weekend at the Little Wars game convention. With 12 players on a 20+ foot long table, the Final Battle for Mazzengaville should be quite the spectacle. We should have plenty of pictures up next week, so check back.

The founder of Mazzengaville and early pioneer and settler of Morgen (the planet), Pytor Arthur "Captain Crunch" Mazzenga (the origins of the nickname are obscure)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Body Rollers Reinforcements.

Colonel Field of the Body Rollers mercenary company, having become aware of the firepower the Slammers are bringing to the table, has imported his own Siler Superheavy Grav Tanks in the hope of countering some of the Slammer Blower Tanks. Here you see some of them disembarking from their transport craft at an undisclosed location...