Friday, October 4, 2013

SITREP 26:04:08 Death Comes to Mazzengaville

Port Morgen
The situation is as such: the Revolutionary Council of Port Morgen was formed in reaction to “The Bloated Oligarchs of the Coast”.  They then began hiring off planet mercenary regiments to bolster the National Army Regiments that went over to them during a “Night of the Long Knives”. Part of the deal to the mercs was resettlement land for any merc who wanted to put down roots after the fighting was resolved.

 The People’s National Government then reacted to this by hiring the Slammers and Freck’s Freikorps among other regiments on “Success Only” contracts.

The conflict has been touch and go for several months and the War for the People seems locked in 25% for the Rebellion, 25% for the Government and 50% for either being left alone, ‘just get it over with damn it’ and micro cause that fluctuate back and forth from one main group to the other.

Both groups place great importance on the War of Information, hence the Governments interest in removing the Rebel communication facilities at Mazzengaville and the Revolutionary Council’s resolve to hold it.
+++END TRANS+++1005.2013

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